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How to import contacts

If you use another system or already have a list of contacts, e.g., for a newsletter, you can import them into CentralPlanner. The best way to import is using an Excel file in .xls format (not .xlsx). The columns in Excel should contain headings.

To import the file go to the tab Contacts and click Import contacts from Excel. On the next page you will find the grey button Choose file. You can select the file on your computer (e.g., Excel, Apple Number or Open Office). Now click the green button Start import.


In the next step you can correct the column headings, in case they do not exactly correspond to our terms and therefore cannot be assigned properly by the system. E.g. if one of your columns heading is „zip code" you can assign these via the dropdown menu to our term „zip code". Once you are done, click complete import. We import the file in the background, which can take a few minutes depending on the size but you can use the system in the meantime as usual.

If an import does not work out the way you had imagined, you can undo it up to 48 hours afterwards. To do so, click again on import contacts from Excel, choose Import history and click the undo button next to the current import.

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