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What's a day note and how to use it?

At CentralPlanner you can add a note to each day, hence we call it day note. It helps you to store important information for the whole team, be it to mark the holiday month in advance or to highlight the wedding blocking a whole room on that day. It's mostly used for:

  • holidays

  • events (carnival, your cities yearly party etc.)

  • special offers you're staff should advertise or highlight

Day notes help you to prevent problems with your reservations long in advance, for example because your new waiter hasn't heard that you generally don't take any reservations on carnival. And of course it helps you and your team on the day to keep track of everything that is important.

But how to add a day note?

That's easy: Just go to the desired day and click write note or edit opening hours.


Then you'll find a text field to enter all your details. When you're done, click Save and everyone will see it when looking at the days page.




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