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How can my guest book their table online?

To accept online reservations you just need to create a form. Additionally you can, but you don't have to integrate this form (with some html code) in your website. We generate already a small website on https://centralplanner.eu that you can link to. Via this page your guests can book their table online and it is listed on Google.

To accept online reservations click on account settings at the top right in your CentralPlanner account.


Now choose Online Forms and click on Add new online form. Pick a name and adjust the settings (automatic or manual allocation, which tables should be bookable online, etc.)

After saving your new form we give you a link, as well as a small snippet of html code. If you integrate the code to your website, your guest doesn't leave your site for the booking. The link leads to our external booking page. Both works fine, it is up to you what you think is more comfortable.

This is how the interface would look like, if you decide to use the link option. The site is optimized for mobile devices like iPhone or tablet pc.


Customizing your web form for your website

When you chose to integrate the booking form into your website, copy the code in the snippet and add it to your site where you want your guests to book. To customize the look you can adjust the height and width of your iframe. Make sure yo choose at least a width of 350px, so that your guest doesn't need to scroll right and left during the reservation process.

The description and the title of your form can always be changed just by clicking on the edit button right next to the name on the site online forms.

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