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How can I improve my capacity management with the Professional plan?

For companies with very high workload our Professional version provides special support. One glance at CentralPlanners daily overview already shows you which types of tables (for 2, 4, 6 persons etc) in which rooms are still available. This works with small dots in the specific color of the room.


What do the dots mean?

  • If a table for two persons is available you will see two dots in the color of the room. (Read how to create a room and choose the color here.)

  • If a table for four persons is available, you will see four dots in the color of the room. Same for any other table size.

  • As soon as the last table of a group (2, 4, 6, etc.) is booked, the dots disappear during the occupancy time.

  • The color of the dots indicates the room. So if you have three rooms with several tables for two persons each, then you can see a maximum of three 2-dots-icons in three different colors. CentralPlanner does not show every single table, but only the type of table.

An example is shown in the following screenshot:


The only available table for two persons (T8) is reserved at 7 pm. The 2-dots-icon disappears accordingly at the time of occupancy (7-8:45 pm) and even from 5 pm on, because the average occupancy time in the dining room is set on 120 minutes. Thus a reservation at 6 pm would not fit in time because the table is booked at 7 pm.

On the basis of the points you can decide quickly if a reservation for a certain number of guests at a certain time is possible or not. Only if you can see the desired number of dots, you can create a reservation. Thus you can save a lot of time for yourself and the guest.

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